"Soul Meeting" of Victoria and Anton Makarsky, the most charming and absolutely inimitable "singing" married couple, is a lively, surprisingly bright musical performance that goes beyond the usual format of an ordinary beauty of voice, stylish and, at the same time, heartfelt manner of performance tune in to a wonderful wave of lyrical revelation. And an impeccable repertoire consisting of the most beautiful and favorite melodies, combined with a subtle sense of humor and direct communication with the audience, always creates a warm atmosphere.

 “Warm Meetings of the Makarskys” is not similar to any of the currently existing formats of a variety concert, because each of their songs is not just “sung”, but gives rise to a full and lively image, consisting of deep inner thoughts and feelings, faith and, of course, love.

This is not only live singing but also live communication, where wonderful music is combined with soulful lyrics and a wonderful sense of humor of both artists.

For Victoria and Anton, Israel is a magical country that “accepts” or “does not accept”, and it is difficult to resist, or, maybe, its not even necessary to resist. “Every day I thank God that the country accepted me", - Victoria smiles. “Nowhere in the world have I found so much joy for my soul and heart as in Israel

The impeccable repertoire of your favorite artists consists of, for sure, the most beautiful melodies - such as the already legendary aria "BELLE" from the musical "Notre Dame de Paris", as well as specially written for Victoria and Anton by famous authors - Trofim, Irina Dubtsova, Igor Kornelyuk, Maxim Dunaevsky, Murat Nasyrov.

Everyone who comes to such a meeting will surely find for themselves something that warms the soul because it is not in vain that these meetings are WARM!

Concert schedule:

June 22 "Matnas Woldenberg" Ashkelon

June 23 "Gehal a Tarbut" Ma'alot

June 24 Rappoport Hall Haifa

June 27, "Sharet" hall Petah Tikva

June 29, "Yad le-Banim" hall Ashdod

June 30 Beit Nagler Hall Haifa (Kiryat Haim)

July 1 "Gehal a Tarbut Histadrut" Beer Sheva

July 2 hall "Berkovich" Nof a Galil

July 4 "Gehal a Tarbut" Or-Akiva

July 5, "Mofet" hall Rishon LeZion

Visitors will be allowed to enter in accordance with the orders and regulations of the Israeli Ministry of Health, which will be in effect during the exhibition. Please note that at the moment the entrance to similar events is strictly upon presentation of the "Green Passport" (Tav Yarok) or upon presentation of a certificate of recovery (Teudat Mahlim). Without the provision of the above documents (at the moment), entry to the event is strictly prohibited and purchased tickets are non-refundable! We are forced to warn that if the Israeli Ministry of Health does not change its requirements and rules by the dates of the exhibition opening, the organizers will strictly adhere to them and strictly abide by them.

We will answer all questions by phone. 048811013.

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