The Anton Chekhov Theater brings the play "The Rescuer" to Israel.

This is the event of the season, the sensational premiere in Russia of the "deadly comedy" by the Canadian playwright Norm Foster, which was first staged by Leonid Trushkin.

The main roles are played by favorite comedians Gennady Khazanov and Fedor Dobronravov.

The original music for the performance was specially written by one of the most famous composers, author of many hits, Igor Krutoy.

“It doesn't matter how many days are in your life. It is important how much life is in your days ”- the motto of the play“ Rescuer ”. After all, happiness is always possible, but there is no need to be afraid, neither drafts nor life itself. And happiness does not depend on some unknown forces and circumstances, but on ourselves.

5 days of one summer of two old friends. Dentist Barry was played by Gennady Khazanov, and this role is as if written for him. The character's name is not accidental. Barry is a type of St. Bernard dog that works as rescuers. Khazanov skillfully endows his hero with canine traits and habits, reaching outward resemblance, he is hilariously funny, as a great artist can be comical. But Barry, who is supposed to be the lifeguard, is afraid of everything. He is afraid of cold weather, water, gossip, women, the Hero of Khazanov is afraid to make a fatal mistake once again: once he cheated on his wife, and became a lonely dog. Now even his own shadow scares him, and after all, he was a tough guy before.

Suddenly, in the sanatorium where Barry lives, his longtime friend, former actor Johnny (Fedor Dobronravov) appears. He is imposing, dressed with a needle, and does not lose heart under any circumstances, he lives to the fullest. The hero of Dobronravova walks around the sanatorium like a March cat, starts an affair with his daughter Barry (Daria Makarova), who suits him as a daughter, and with another older woman. Johnny is so used to it - every day should be filled with life, without whining and reproaching himself and those around him. He is the lifeguard without whom Barry would have gone to the bottom.

Foster's norm is often compared to Chekhov. Behind the magnificent, incredibly funny dialogues, in which Khazanov and Dobronravov are so good, there are eternal meanings, many layers, and currents. Director Leonid Trushkin chose the actors very accurately, this duet boldly balances on the verge of farce and sentimentality, not going to extremes and finding unexpected colors in each scene.

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