Igor Guberman ... A man of inexhaustible optimism and good spirits ... A man who brings only joy, smile and laughter with his appearance.

Few are given the opportunity to found a new poetic genre. But Guberman did not invent it on purpose - his "gariks" were torn off his tongue by themselves. He composes them all his life, like a bird that sings. Igor Guberman, the author of the famous quatrains - "Garik", is also an excellent storyteller. He accompanies the reading of his poems with funny stories from his life rich in adventures (where there were both a prison and a camp). For more than twenty years, he has successfully traveled throughout the Russian-speaking world, including America, Europe and Australia.

He is the author of several popular science books that gained fame in their time. But, perhaps, the main thing in his literary work were and remain these same gariki, which he with extraordinary ease invented always and everywhere. For many years he scattered them around him, gave them to close and half-familiar people. This game, however, turned out to be far from safe. Not being published anywhere, his poems were circulated in copies or in oral transcriptions throughout the vast country during all the "stagnant" years as a kind of manifestation of modern folklore. Igor Guberman currently lives in Jerusalem. He continues to write "gariki", prose, memoirs. Tours a lot in Israel and abroad.

One of his wonderful "gariks":

Now I understand very clearly

and I feel, and I see very clearly:

no matter what the moment is beautiful

but it is important that it is unique.

“10 diary. Prose and new gariki "

Friends, do not miss the opportunity to chat with the master and purchase his books. You can get an autograph. We are waiting for you at the concert, on July 24, at 20-00, in the center "Arena", the city of Herzliya. The hall is located on the second floor, near the "E" entrance. Tickets are sold as entrance tickets, without seats, very comfortable chairs are arranged so that you can see and hear from any place. We offer friendly and informal communication.

By popular demand, we have added another performance by Igor Guberman in the city of Nof a Galil, July 31, Saturday, at 19.00. The concert will take place in the Berkovich Hall.

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