The play "Marc Chagall. The Last Flight". Jubilee premiere based on the play "Flying with an Angel" by the famous Ukrainian playwright Zinovy ​​Sagalov.

The play itself has no great theatrical history. A little over 10 years ago, it was staged with great success in Israel by director and actor Grigory Grumberg. Several years ago, a performance based on this play was brought to Israel by Sergei Yursky. They also put it in the USA.

Both the play by Z. Sagalov and the performance of the Israeli Youth Theater about a difficult fate, about creativity and love, about the life and ... death of a unique artist, one of the leaders of the world avant-garde of the 20th century, Marc Chagall.

Chagall Mark Zakharovich (real patronymic Khatskelevich) (Chagall Marc). In a few words about him, we can say that he is a graphic artist, painter, theater artist, illustrator, master of monumental and applied arts; a native of Russia. Marc Chagall was able to organically combine the ancient traditions of Jewish culture with cutting-edge innovation. But in a play, in a certain time period, it is incredibly difficult to tell about the life of such an Artist.

And Shaul Tiktiner, playing the role and playing the life of Marc Chagall, tries to tell about his fate and life. This is his confession!

The play was staged with the support of the Ministry of Absorption.

Cast: Shaul Tiktiner, Elena Kokhonover, Valery Klassen, Ruslan Rudny.

Production designer: Oleg Firrer.

Music: Alla Danzig

Artist - performer: Valentina Firrer

Lighting Designer and Music Editor: Boris Chistik

Photo and video